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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boating around Guimaras

Early Sunday morning, I asked one of the local fishermen for the use of his fishing outrigger. A small boat, which rocked in the waves, it took us around the perimeter of Nueva Valencia, which was beautifully adorned with caves and rock formations that reminded me of the remnants of ancient sea creatures. The island seems to rest on ancient coral gardens. Later in the morning, we reached a fisheries research center and I got to see bangus and giant lapu-lapu breeding areas and other aquaculture projects.

For more info, check out the province's web page-- offers list of options on where to stay/what to see from island resorts (Isla Naburot, where I had planned to stay is highlighted, but it's relatively pricey at 5000 php per person per night).

Early morning breakfast -- mango and ibos (sticky rice concoction). Mangoes were only 50 pesos per kilo and they really do live up to their reputation!

We headed out at around 7 am.

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